Centerville Ohio Homes for Sale

Centerville is an affluent suburb in Montgomery and Greene Counties in the U.S. state of Ohio. A part of the Dayton metropolitan area, its population was 23,999 as of the 2010 census.

Centerville, founded in 1796, is one of the oldest communities in Ohio. The heart of the city has been designated as an architectural preservation district….Click Here to Read more or click here to view Centerville Homes for sale.

Oakwood Ohio Homes for Sale 

Oakwood contains a rich collection of architecture. Because of the city’s age, many of the houses were constructed before World War II and are older in design. Houses in Oakwood, which vary greatly in size, have styles which include Tudor, Swiss chalets, Colonial Revival, White Clapboard Colonial, and Gothic Revival. The western end of the city features many large properties and historic houses, such as Hawthorn Hill, home of Orville Wright. The houses in this area tend to lie on well secluded plots of land, surrounded by many trees. Homes for sale in Oakwood Ohio Click Here or click here to view Oakwood Homes for Sale

Bellbrook Ohio Homes for Sale

Bellbrook Ohio Homes for sale – 153 Hess Rd. Bellbrook Ohio 45305