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Coronavirus Outbreak vs Election Map 2016

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While reading about the recent COVID-19 outbreaks in the southern US, I saw a coronavirus map showing “spikes” that looked very familiar. I actually thought that it was a 2016 election results map! So I jumped out onto the web and grabbed a 2016 election result map and then I laid the coronavirus outbreak map over it. Wow! I was blown away. The most curious thing to notice is look at Colorado and New Mexico. The border Texas, you know the state with all of the outbreaks and a Governor that won’t shut it down. I find it funny that both of those states seem immune to COVID-19 while the other states around them are flaring up. The same thing in the NE. Awesome summer season happening there and even in Michigan that was so hard hit.  You be the judge. Take a look!


Here is another look at it:



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